Why estate agents need to share quality content

When your estate agency shares well written, informative and entertaining content you achieve three things



By sharing knowledge you are positioning your agency as the area’s local property expert



When you regularly share tips and advice on the property selling process your local market sees your agency in a positive light



Good content (like ours) feels personal, regularly reminding your audience of how you can help them and why they can trust you.

And who wouldn’t want to get a helpful, personable and expert estate agent around to value their home?


How my content saves estate agents

I’m a multi award winning journalist who has worked in the property industry since 2010. I know how good content shared regularly helps estate agents increase their market share and raises their profile. Here’s how it works:

  • Saves estate agents hassle
    Getting well-written content can be a headache for estate agents. But I have the cure for that. Don’t believe me? Check out my Google Reviews.
  • Saves estate agents money
    More than 100 independent agents trust me to provide them with weekly articles, marketing critiques and exclusive member offers for just £99+VAT per month. There are no contracts. It’s not like Hotel California - if you don’t love it, you can leave.
  • Saves estate agents time
    My Estate Agent Content Club gives you content written by an award-winning journalist, me. By outsourcing your content requirements to an expert, you’ll be able to focus on winning instructions, prospecting, looking after clients and all the other tasks that make your agency thrive.

    All provided to non-competing agencies via designated postcode districts. i.e. BN 20 – 23. CB1-3. See if your area is up for grabs.

Get Great Estate Agent Content

I sell a range of professionally written, instruction winning content, to non-competing estate agencies, including:


Weekly Articles

Estate Agent Content Club members get weekly articles and images.


Canvassing Letters

Stand out from the crowd with my 15 phase sales canvassing letters programme and my 9 step lettings prospecting pack.

Great Guides

Sharing guides with your audience works. I have more than 12 available across buying, selling, letting or renting.


E-mail Excellence

My 15 phase email nurture campaign kits come with a seal of approval from an industry leader.

For a free review of your estate agency’s content efforts, contact or call 01323 360 771


*Not a typo folks, these are testimonials from estate agents who have said ‘yes, we love Jerry’s content.’

  • review rating 5  Jerry Lyons is a true dude, he is generous with his time, especially when you consider the time it takes to maintain that barnet. If you are in any doubt about whether to work with Jerry or not then I suggest you bite his hand off and sign up! However if you are anywhere near North West London, back he's mine and he isn't all that really. JL has been keeping it real since a long long time ago.

    thumb Abigail Grey

    review rating 5  Jerry is a genius! A clever, witty content genius who provides outstanding value every time I speak to him. He also thinks he has good hair and whilst I'm not so sure, what I do know is the content club is an awesome organisation!

    thumb Mark Worrall

    review rating 5  Started using Jerry during lockdown and can't recommend him highly enough. Loads of positive feedback from his engaging and consistent content which we use on social media/blogs/emails and our monthly newsletter.

    thumb Craig Smith
  • review rating 5  Met Jerry and what a great guy who is a true ambassador for the agency. A partner and service provider that is needed in the industry to keep agents ahead of your competition. His a true words smith!!! if you come across Jerry and get a chance to join his community you would be wrong to dismiss the opportunity!

    thumb Pete Butler

    review rating 5  Jerry is fantastic at what he does. He provides me with great content to share with my social media audience three times a week. Without fail the articles arrive in my inbox first thing ready to post before 9am. The content is relevant and well written and we get a fantastic response from our audience. Highly recommend this service.

    thumb Louise Young

    review rating 5  We are very impressed with Jerry we have been working with him now for a few months and the service and content is very good and very well written. Always happy to help with means a lot to us.

    thumb Manjinder Rana
  • review rating 5  We've been working with Jerry's for a few months now and the response has been fantastic. His content is always timely, relevant and extremely well written. From a marketing perspective, Jerry has been a huge asset to our organisation.

    thumb Jason Heightman

    review rating 5  We love Jerry, just when we are busy with other things up he pops on an email with his amazing content making it all so much easier for us. What's not to like? Thanks Jerry

    thumb Quilliam Property

    review rating 5  Jerry provides the majority of blog/social media content to Richard James Estate Agents (Northamptonshire) every week. The articles are varied, very regular, delivered on time and professional. We are really impressed with the service, great to work with you, thank you.

    thumb Richard Fowler

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Estate Agency Content

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Where can I use the content?

The content works brilliantly as part of your Facebook page, your email marketing efforts, on the news section of your website and in printed materials.

Can I make little tweaks to the content to fit my agency’s brand?

Yes, no problem. Once the content is paid for it becomes yours to use as you wish, as per your postcode licence agreement.

How do you make sure my rivals can’t get the content?

I only sell licences to use the content to non-competing agents. This is done by postcodes – you tell me which postcodes you operate in and I’ll tell you if the licence to use the content in that area is still available.

Can you send me samples?

Sure, as long as your postcodes aren’t already taken by a member. Check out my Google Reviews as they are best placed to show the kind of excellent experiences agencies have with us.

What makes you so confident about your canvassing letters?

Simple answer is that the responses agencies who have bought them have received have been brilliant. They are written to stand out from the crowd with a very distinct but rapport building tone of voice. Contact me for samples.

What is the Estate Agent Content Club?

It’s a group of non-competing independent estate agency owners. Membership benefits include weekly articles written by me, copyright-free images with every article, a monthly marketing critique, a 20 per discount off my rates and lots more.

Do I have to a member of the Estate Agent Content Club to use your services?

No, but members do get priority. I can help with providing great content for your websites, marketing campaigns, bespoke articles – when it comes to words I’m your man.

What do you do with my email address when I request the A to Z guide?

In light on the new GDPR changes your email address is never shared by us with anyone else. We only use it to send you a weekly email which contains tips and techniques to help you win more instructions and improve your estate agency’s marketing. If you do not wish to receive these weekly emails no problem, simply unsubscribe and you’ll automatically get taken off the list and your email address will be deleted. This applies to personal and business email addresses we have been given. If you have any data protection questions please get in touch.

This all sounds great, and I want to join the Estate Agent Content Club, what do I do next?

Great question, simply email me or call 01323 360 771 and let’s get cracking.

This all sounds great, and I want to join the Estate Agent Content Club, what do I do next?

Great question, simply email me or call 01323 360 771 and let’s get cracking.


Estate Agent
Content Club
From £99
per three postcodes per month

Weekly Article

Free images

Marketing Critique

Emergency PR Cover

Members’ Benefits

Postcode Exclusivity

15 Sensational Sales Letters
9 Legendary Lettings Letters

Complete with postcode exclusivity and design ideas.

Email Nurture
From £300

Recieve a 15 step email campaign that keeps you in the minds of prospective clients.

Contact Jerry

If you want to chat anything through, hear some free advice or discuss a new project, contact Jerry by emailing or call him now on 01323 360 771